How to prepare your business for the post-Covid recovery

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Recovering your business during and after Covid-19

Get into the GROWTH ZONE

Source: Daymond John

Crisis response – get positioned to thrive 

COVID-19 Orchestrating the recovery of organizations and supply chains 

Deloitte 24-page report 

Respond – in which a company deals with the present situation and manages continuity
Recover – during which a company learns and emerges stronger
Thrive – where the company prepares for and shapes the “next normal”

Download the Deloitte 24-page report here (pdf) 

Brushing up your Sales Skills

There is no other skill as important as sales. Sales is the production engine every company needs. – Grant Cardone

During and after the pandemic it is important to hone your team’s sales skills. Here are some guidelines from Grant to keep present at all times:


The # 1 mistake in sales is never making the call. You’re too busy organizing, searching the CRM, looking for a script, thinking about what you’re going to say. 


48% of all salespeople don’t make the call. 

ALL you have to do is make the call! And then you’re at least better off than the 48% of people who don’t. I don’t care what you say, if you don’t know what to say yet—


And the more calls you can make, the better off you are. They told you they aren’t going to be home today?


I don’t need them to be home. They’re out of town?


He said he’s in a meeting.


When you’re spending time making “reasons” not to make calls you need to be unreasonable and make the call. I’ll walk in my salesroom, get a cell number and call before I even know what I’m going to sell them. 


Greatness will not find you until you show up. Creativity will not find you until you take action.

Sales Statistics of successful salespeople

Don’t talk price too soon

Time discussing Next Steps

Work at Home and Thrive Business tips and resources guide 

Download our 20-page guide chock-full of free and inexpensive useful resources for business owners that want to not only survive but thrive during the corona crisis pdf click here to download 

SalesMachine.tech helps you grow sales like no other system. 

Some things our clients have said: 

“SalesMachine is like having a sales team working 24-7 for me.”

Other benefits: 

Reduce administrative tasks your sales team has to do. Free them up to make actual calls to clients and prospects.

This cloud-based system ensures that no lead goes unanswered. Over a quarter of leads are lost because they are simply not called nor followed up. 

Current case study: 200% sales in 3 months.  Start dominating your industry today! 

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“Be bold when others are fearful”. Warren Buffett#weareinittogether

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