How to invite an agency or partner to your Facebook Business Page

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How to invite a partner or agency to your Facebook Business Page 

  1. Note: do this on desktop. It does not work on mobile.

  2. Go to Business Settings. 

        Example https://business.facebook.com/[yourfacebookbusinesspage]/settings

  1. Under Users, click on Partners.

  2. Click on + Add.

  3. Select Give a partner access to your assets.

  4. Enter the Business ID of the partner you want to add and click Next.

             Our Business ID is: 665697200465022

  1. In this screen, you can add partners to several assets. Choose an asset type in the first column. Select the assets to which you want to add your partner in the second column. Assign a role to your partner in the third column. Repeat these steps until you have chosen roles for all the assets you want to assign.

  2. Click Save changes.


If you have a company that works with an agency or consultant, you can invite them to your Business Manager and share your assets with them. When you add a partner to your Business Manager, you can grant them access to different assets and assign them specific permission levels. Partners can see the assets you share with them in their Business Managers.

Before you start

Only Business Managers can add a partner.

Your partner must have a Business Manager. If he doesn’t have one, ask him to create a Business Manager. (We already have one.)


Facebook help click here 

To accept an invitation to manage your Facebook Business page from an agency click here

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