E-commerce has leapfrogged 5 years ahead

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A recent IBM study concludes that e-commerce has grown 20% in 2020. This puts it where it was projected to have been in 5 years.


E-commerce has grown 20% in 2020 whereas physical retail has contracted. Image source: World Economic Forum

E-commerce has grown 20% this year and has leaped forward 5 years into the future because of the pandemic according to an IBM state of retail study. * 

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*Source: IBM State of Retail report (download here  https://zcu.io/SK5y )

Success Story: 382% revenue growth in one month

Grow your e-commerce business during the crisis

This case study of our client, an e-commerce retailer, shows results after we switched on our services for them on July 25th, 2020.

As of August 31st, the client saw 382% sales growth and 400% order growth.


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